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Meeting our clients exceeding expectations

We continuously evaluate and refine our processes to ensure that we deliver the highest level of service and results. It’s this relentless pursuit of excellence that sets us apart and drives our continued success in meeting and exceeding expectations.

Our Clients

We serve over 50 clients across the US who trust us to drive their financial success through effective Revenue Cycle Management.

Our Dedication

Our commitment ensures consistent progress towards maximizing revenue to empower financial prosperity of healthcare practices in the US.

Our Contribution

Our customized processes are crafted to ensure compliance while helping you reach your financial goals.

Valuing our Employees

We strive to create an inclusive, supportive work environment where everyone feels valued, heard, and empowered to reach their full potential.

Our Trusted Clients

We demonstrate reliability, integrity, and a genuine commitment to our client’s success while aiming to build long-lasting relationships based on mutual respect and trust.

Innovative Solutions

Our commitment to innovation drives us to explore cutting-edge technologies, develop novel solutions, and adapt our services to the ever-changing landscape of the industries we serve.


We believe that by working together as a cohesive team, leveraging the diverse perspectives and strengths of each member, we can achieve greater success and innovation.

Who We Are?

Pro Medical Billing Solutions has evolved into a reliable partner for healthcare practices across the US.

We empower a team of 400 professionals with expertise in Medical Billing, Medical Coding and A/R & Denial Management. Pro Medical Billing Solutions serves more than 50 clients across the US. Over the past years, Pro MBS has not only developed expertise in various specialties but has also successfully integrated technology to enhance its operational efficiency.
Let's Connect

Our Achievements

Over the years, our dedication to providing exceptional Medical Billing services has garnered recognition and numerous achievements. Here are some highlights of our accomplishments.

Accuracy and Efficiency

We have consistently maintained a high level of accuracy and efficiency in our Medical Billing processes, ensuring timely reimbursement for our clients. Our team’s attention to detail and adherence to industry standards have resulted in error rates well below the national average.

Rapid Revenue Recovery


25 Days

First-Pass Resolution



Denial & Rejection


5% - 10%

Short Turnaround Time