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Our team of certified, highly skilled coders and billers are at the forefront of developments in dermatology coding, offering you peace of mind and ensuring your practice's financial success.

Complex Coding for New Procedures

We understand multi-level dermatology billing procedures, including photodynamic therapy, laser surgery, and biologic medications.

Dermatology-Specific Modifiers

Proper use of modifiers such as 59 (Distinct procedural service) and 25 (Significant additional overdue service) to properly underline the documentation of services performed during dermatologic visits.

EHR/EMR Optimization for Dermatology Billing

We can help you work within the constraints of system requirements and achieve maximum results by aligning the structure with the quality standards for effective billing within a dermatology practice.

MACRA Compliance

Stay current with MACRA's changing regulations and ensure compliance with your dermatology practice.Our expertise allows us to identify and rectify discrepancies in your billing system, thus providing you with a result-oriented dermatology billing solution that improves revenue outcomes and provides peace of mind for your practices.

developments in dermatology coding
Medical Billing for Dermatology Made Easy

Medical Billing for Dermatology Made Easy: Your Trusted Partner for Streamlined Revenue

Our dermatology billing and coding experts work as a dedicated team to unravel the intricacies of dermatology billing for your practice. We are a leading company in dermatology medical billing, offering practical solutions for all dermatology billing needs at hospitals, medical practices, and billing firms in the United States.

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Dermatology Coding Proficiency

Our coders are all updated with the new set of coding standards for dermatology, including ICD-10-CM, CPT, and HCPCS. All of them are experienced in dermatology billing codes and will make sure that every one of your claims is in strict compliance with CMS and AMA regulations. Further, all our coders are AAPC-certified, which checks the accuracy and efficiency of our services. By choosing our services, you benefit from a partner committed to the financial health and operational efficiency of your dermatology practice. With us, you can rest assured that your billing is handled with the utmost professionalism and expertise.

Dermatology Coding Proficiency

Outsource Dermatology Billing Services to optimize Revenue through our Dermatology Revenue Cycle Management in the U.S.

From Dermatology Billing Solutions to Dermatology Denial Management, Pro Medical Billing Solutions empowers offer affordably
Dermatology Billing Services to the cardiology healthcare providers in the U.S.

Experts in a Changed Scenario of Dermatology Medical Billing And Coding Services

The field of dermatology is in continuous development with new treatment methods and practices. The comprehensive, ever-changing face of dermatology complicates the process of dermatology medical billing. When busy dermatologists do not have the time and resources to stay current on complex coding requirements, it may, in the long run, result in under-coding and overcoming of services being performed.
Simplify your dermatology billing with our expert services. We deal with all such complexities so you can focus on your work of excellent patient care. Our overhead-based model ensures efficiency and accuracy in every billing cycle.
Your coding experts will work diligently to reach the maximum level of compensation. We will provide accurate, exact coding to ensure that you recover the total amount your dermatology practice should earn for service.
You can add tremendous relief to our dermatology billing support. We take care of all the nitty-gritty of billing, from pre-authorizations to claims submitted, hence allowing you to spend that much more time with patients and much less on administrative work.
Optimize your practice's revenue cycle with professional billing services for your dermatology practice. Let us review in detail your situation and offer a solution designed to rectify any latent defects in your billing process. We will let you turn opportunities into hard, increased revenue, and practice growth.

Optimize Your Dermatology Revenue Cycle with Professional Billing Services

Our experience with leading dermatology institutions is translated into exceptional and affordable billing services tailored to optimize your revenue cycle. Our approach begins with a full assessment of your current billing process. Our team zeros in on areas for improvement and offers practical solutions to turn them into revenue opportunities.

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Optimize Your Dermatology Revenue Cycle
Our dermatology billing and coding experts work as a dedicated team to unravel the intricacies of dermatology billing for your practice.

Our dermatology billing and coding experts work as a dedicated team to unravel the intricacies of dermatology billing for your practice.

Our dermatology billing and coding experts work as a dedicated team to unravel the intricacies of dermatology billing for your practice.

Be our partner and have the following privileges:

We simplify complicated dermatology billing processes for you, providing much-needed relief from this administrative burden.

Our coding experts will get your payout right and maximize the compensation you deserve for your services, ensuring a more secure financial future for your practice.
Focus on Patient Care while we handle the complexities of dermatology billing, ensuring your practice's financial health. Let us be your trusted dermatology billing company that effectively navigates the ever-changing world of dermatology billing.
Our streamlined approach removes the burden of complex dermatology billing processes, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in every transaction.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve have compiled a list of commonly asked questions to provide you with quick and informative anwers.

For novel procedures, use appropriate dermatology billing codes with detailed documentation justifying the service and its medical necessity. Stay updated on HCPCS updates for potential new code assignments specific to these procedures.
Familiarize yourself with relevant dermatology modifiers. For example, use modifier 59 (Distinct procedural service) to bill separately for multiple biopsies performed during a single visit.
Choose an EHR/EMR system with built-in dermatology-specific coding functionalities. Ensure your staff receives proper training to utilize these features and integrate them seamlessly with your billing processes.
Biopsies involve obtaining a tissue sample for diagnosis, coded with specific CPT codes based on the location and technique. Excisions are complete removals of lesions, coded differently based on size, location, and complexity.
Mohs surgery requires specific coding due to its staged nature. Use appropriate CPT codes for each stage of the Mohs procedure, including tissue mapping, removal, and reconstruction (if needed).
Maintain thorough and detailed documentation for all dermatology services. This includes the performed procedure(s), relevant diagnoses, and clear descriptions of the extent and complexity of the service.
Understand the bundled payment model for your specific procedures. It may require bundling multiple dermatology services into a single payment. Collaborate with your billing team to ensure accurate coding to capture all services provided within the bundle.
Work with your billing team to understand prior authorization requirements for specific oncology services. Appeal denied claims with clear and detailed documentation supporting medical necessity.
Certain dermatology procedures may require prior authorization from insurance companies. Work with your billing team to understand prior authorization requirements and submit necessary documentation for approval before performing the procedure.
Stay informed by subscribing to reliable sources that provide updates on dermatology coding changes and regulations. Dermatology associations and professional coding organizations often offer resources and educational materials.
Implement a strong internal compliance program to minimize errors. Regularly review your coding practices and ensure they adhere to the latest guidelines. Consider partnering with a qualified dermatology billing specialist for additional guidance on navigating audits.

Our Solutions

Our advanced Infrastructure and Strategies are designed to determine issues in your Revenue Cycle Management and improve them with precisely streamlined processes. We recognize that healthcare providers face a variety of challenges, including missed charges, under pricing, non-reimbursed errors, coding errors, and more, which can lead to significant revenue loss each year.

Therefore, we have designed our Medical Billing & Coding Services as well as Physician Credentialing to prevent any discrepancies and provide accurate deliverables, ultimately helping healthcare providers achieve optimal Revenue generation


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Pro Medical Billing Solutions is doing an incredible job of boosting our revenue and improving our cash flow. They are excellent at communicating with the insurance providers and are prompt in addressing issues. We're immensely grateful for their wonderful efforts, and we give a thumbs-up to their entire team.

Dr. Jorge Guevara - MD
Dr. Jorge Guevara | MD Outcomes Detox & Recovery Center (Texas)

For the past 15 months, Pro Medical Billing Solutions has consistently delivered incredible collection results, with first-pass rates surpassing industry standards. Their high responsiveness and effective Revenue Cycle Management services make them the go-to choose for any practice looking to take control of their billing.