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to enhance your revenue, gain precision in Medical Billing, and improve the overall financial health of your healthcare practice

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Accuracy and Faster Payments

Outsource Medical Billing Services for Cost Efficiency, Improved
Accuracy and Faster Payments.

Outsource Medical Billing Services to Pro Medical Billing Solutions for cost efficiency, improved accuracy and faster payments. We optimize your revenue cycle by tapping into superior expertise, enhanced procedural discipline, streamlined technology, and data analysis. Our dedicated 24/7 Medical Billing and Coding team ensures swift claim submissions and payment postings while maintaining billing and coding accuracy for your practice.
We are equipped with the strategies and resources to address:
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Benefits of Choosing an Industry Specialist to Outsource Medical Billing Service.

Medical Billing is a complex process that frequently undergoes changes in laws, making it challenging to stay updated while also trying to optimize cash flow. Managing Medical Billing demands meticulous attention to detail and can be financially taxing.
On the other hand, Outsourcing Medical Billing Services can result in cost savings, heightened accuracy, compliance with regulations, and a stronger focus on patient care. This makes it the preferred choice for many healthcare organizations.
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Our Success Rates

Effective claims submission
0 %

Effective claims submission

Streamlined administrative processes
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Streamlined administrative processes

Simplified billing procedures
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Simplified billing procedures

Collaborating with field experts
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Collaborating with field experts

Outsource Medical Billing Services to Pro Medical Billing Solutions

Optimize your revenue cycle by tapping into superior expertise, enhanced procedural discipline, streamlined technology, and data analysis. Our combined
resources empower us to scale medical billing procedures for our clients. We assist our clients to

Decrease processing expenses

Maximize revenue collection

Minimize overhead costs

Prevent revenue loss/leaks

Increase operational efficiency

Assure adherence to regulations

Enhance precision in billing and coding

Decrease denied claims

Shorten A/R turnover times

Optimize the Account Receivable cycle

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  • A systematic approach for transitioning their Revenue Cycle.
  • Proficiency in dealing with various medical specialties and Revenue Cycle platforms.
  • Real-time reporting through an automated workflow tool.
  • Assured information security with our ISO 27001 certification.
  • A team of experts well-versed in Denial Management and knowledgeable in Medical Coding.
  • Coding proficiency with certified coders endorsed by The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) or The American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC).
  • Familiarity with the intricacies of working with Medicare, Medicaid state plans, Commercial payers, Managed Care, Federal programs, and their respective billing regulations.

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Medical Billing Software We Leverage for Revenue Cycle Management

Here are some Industry top listed EHR being operated by us.

Our Esteemed Clients' Testimonials

Pro Medical Billing Solutions is doing an incredible job of boosting our revenue and improving our cash flow. They are excellent at communicating with the insurance providers and are prompt in addressing issues. We're immensely grateful for their wonderful efforts, and we give a thumbs-up to their entire team.

Dr. Jorge Guevara - MD
Dr. Jorge Guevara | MD Outcomes Detox & Recovery Center (Texas)

For the past 15 months, Pro Medical Billing Solutions has consistently delivered incredible collection results, with first-pass rates surpassing industry standards. Their high responsiveness and effective Revenue Cycle Management services make them the go-to choose for any practice looking to take control of their billing.

Dr. Mukherjee Ranadev -MD CO-FOUNDER
Dr. Mukherjee Ranadev | MD and CO-FOUNDER Digestive Associates (Nevada)

We rely on Pro MBS for our medical billing operations and analysis. Our collaboration with Pro MBS has allowed us to excel over the last five years. We had a few patients’ inflows initially, and we ended up getting many more clients, Pro MBS helped us scale.

Dr. Charles Sisson
Dr. Charles Sisson | MD Integrated Medical Consultants (Colorado)

Thanks to Pro Medical Billing Solutions, our practice has seen a significant improvement in our billing and collection processes. Their team is always up-to-date with the latest industry changes, and they have provided excellent support to our staff. We would highly recommend their services to any healthcare provider.

Jennifer Hartley-Administrator
Jennifer Hartley | Administrator Adams Physical Therapy Services, Inc. (Indiana)

We have been using Pro Medical Billing Solutions for several months, and we have been extremely satisfied with their services. They have helped us to optimize our billing and coding practices, resulting in improved cash flow for our practice. We highly recommend them to other healthcare providers.

Marissa Vazquez - Office Manager
Marissa Vazquez | Office Manager Presence Therapy (Nevada)

Pro MBS has provided excellent satisfaction for our Medical Billing and Coding operations. We conduct regular meetings with their team. They are updated with current industry trends and keep very high standards for quality service. We consider them as an extension of our business office.

Huiping Xu- M.D
Huiping Xu | MD Whole Health Professional PLLC (Texas)

Pro Medical billing Solutions has numerous strengths. One of many is effective communication, which kept me aware of billing updates and claim processes. I am impressed with the swift claim processing and the turnaround time for claims. appreciate Pro Medical Billing Solutions for providing constant support.

Sandra Diaz
Sandra Diaz | CEO South Main Clinic (Texas)

We are pleased with Pro Medical Billing Solutions' billing and coding services and highly endorse them to anyone looking for a proficient billing company. Collaborating with Pro Medical Billing Solutions has been effortless, and we are deeply grateful for their services.

Jennifer G. Walker- D
Jennifer G. Walker D | DC Colorado Chiropractic Center (Colorado)

As the CEO of Big Dog Pharma, I would highly recommend Pro Medical Billing Solutions for your Medical Billing and Coding processes. Over the past four years of collaboration, I have found them responsive, prompt, and helpful. Through our extension, we reduced our staff requirements and significantly improved our revenue stream.

Johnny Gilbert-CEO
Johnny Gilbert | CEO Bird Dog Pharma (Texas)

I look back over the past five years of our relationship, and I can predict what the coming five years would look like. I can see immense growth opportunities for both of our organizations with the partnership that we have been able to develop. I absolutely recommend Pro Medical Billing Solutions.

Dr. Michael Farrel-D
Dr. Michael Farrel | DC Spine Correction Center (Colorado)

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