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Physician Credentialing Services

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Are You In Need Of Professional And Affordable

Physician Credentialing Services

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24/7 – Let’s have a call with someone Executive next 30 minutes – No more away!!!

Here’s What We Offer!

Data Collection

We help your practice gather the necessary background and demographics information.

CAQH Enrollment

We help providers enroll for CAQH and also assist them with profile maintenance and updating of records.

Submit Applications

Ensure preparation of all necessary documentation required before submitting the applications to the payers.

Active Communication

Manage all follow-up activities and tasks such as verification and communication with the payer organizations.

Fully Transparent Access

Get complete access to our Electronic Health Records and credentialing system as you can always view everything we’re doing without having to wonder what’s going on.

Dedicated Customer Representative

We provide a dedicated account manager who is an easy sole point of contact and knows everything about the credentialing for your medical organization.

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The Process We Follow

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24/7 – Let’s have a call with someone Executive next 30 minutes – No more away!!!

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Thanks to Pro Medical Billing Solutions, our transition from one E.H.R to another was seamless. Their prompt response to our inquiries and knowledgeable billing staff have been instrumental in achieving an all-time high reimbursement ratio since partnering with them

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Having worked with Pro Medical Billing Solutions for nearly 8 years, I'm thoroughly satisfied with their Revenue Cycle Management services and up-to-date knowledge of changing guidelines. Their positive and professional attitude, coupled with timely reporting, have significantly increased our practice's collections.

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Appreciation for you guys. You all have made a life here smoother than I could have imagined! Your response times are impressive! Your staff is Awesome! You all have been the best, outsourced billing company I’ve worked with.

Nell Sampson | Practice Admin G&A Wellness Clinic

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Dr. Charles Sisson Integrated Medical Consultants (Colorado)
Steffhanie Laurel1

I am highly satisfied with Pro Medical Billing Solutions' exceptional service. Their team is always prompt in responding to my inquiries, and our repayment rate is consistently healthy. We receive timely reports, and they proactively identify and solve problems.

Steffhanie Laurel | Director of Operations Colorado Clinic (Colorado)

I am grateful for Pro Medical Billing Solutions for making our lives so much smoother than we ever thought possible! Their response times are truly impressive, their staff is fantastic, and they are by far the best billing company we've ever worked with. Thank you so much for your exceptional services

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Thanks to Pro Medical Billing Solutions, our practice has seen a significant improvement in our billing and collection processes. Their team is always up-to-date with the latest industry changes, and they have provided excellent support to our staff. We would highly recommend their services to any healthcare provider.

Jennifer Hartley |Administrator Adams Physical Therapy Services, Inc. (Indiana)

We have been using Pro Medical Billing Solutions for several months, and we have been extremely satisfied with their services. They have helped us to optimize our billing and coding practices, resulting in improved cash flow for our practice. We highly recommend them to other healthcare providers

Marissa Vazquez- Office Manager Presence Therapy (Nevada)

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    The credentialing process in a medical practice involves verifying the education, training, licenses, and certifications of medical professionals who will provide care to patients. This process typically includes gathering and reviewing documentation, conducting background checks, and verifying references.

    Improper credentialing in a medical practice can lead to serious consequences, including legal and financial penalties, loss of reputation, and harm to patients. Improperly credentialed medical professionals may not have the necessary qualifications to provide safe and effective care to patients, which can result in medical errors, injuries, and even death.

    The responsibility for ensuring proper credentialing in a medical practice falls on the practice management, including the medical director, credentialing coordinator, and other staff involved in the process. The practice must also comply with the credentialing requirements set by regulatory bodies, insurance providers, and accrediting organizations.

    Medical professionals should be credentialed at the time of initial appointment to the practice and then regularly re-credentialed based on the guidelines set by regulatory bodies, insurance providers, and accrediting organizations. The frequency of re-credentialing varies depending on the type of credential and the requirements of the organization, but typically occurs every 1-3 years.

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